Shenyang chert stone market is located in Sujiatun Cedar Development Zone. It covers an area of more than 200 acres. It has a large block yard and advanced processing machinery. It is an omnipotent professional stone material in Northeast China starting from blocks. market. That is to contract tens of millions of projects, but also serve the people's home improvement. Nearly 10,000 square meters of large board wholesale supermarket, Shenyang alone is the only one.


Centralized domestic and foreign slats, engineering boards, and rough board wholesale areas, convenient and fast one-stop service to meet your demand for goods selection, standardized large-scale stone processing workshops, rich stone varieties, and exquisite stone craftsmanship. The engineering is the icing on the cake. In the past two years, the market has been well received by builders, developers, installation companies, decoration companies, and all walks of life. High-quality engineering cases abound. The real estate companies we cooperate with are well-known throughout the country. Two hundred stone companies provide high-quality stones at reasonable prices. Serving all parts of southern Liaoning to benefit the common people. Professional design, installation, maintenance, loading and unloading, and transportation teams can solve your worries about buying stone.

Now the stone market stores are attracting investment, hurry up and join us!