New technical standards for stone renovation

1)Maintenance of stone innovation waste products:

1. Plastic film must be glued to the wall, door leaf, door frame, furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows and other parts before construction, and the height must be at least 30 cm.

2. The construction unit must be equipped with a vacuum cleaner with water absorption function, and the water on the stone work surface should be cleaned and cleaned in time when cleaning and polishing.

3. The range of 10cm from the air should be maintained with hard data to prevent collisions.

2) Request for stone innovation process:

1. Stop the waterproofing treatment, and after innovative construction, there shall be no backwater phenomenon.

Caulking treatment: 3mm seam; use angle grinder for tailoring.

2. Use a knife to clean the concrete grout at the stone gap first, and then use a brush, vacuum cleaner, etc. to thoroughly clean the dust.

3. Use imported stone professional caulking agent to stop caulking the stone gaps and holes.

4. For granite innovation, bridge mills and professional polishing pads must be used, and resin polishing pads cannot be used.

Coarse grinding: Do not reduce the number of grinding passes and the number of changing pieces of grinding.

60-mesh grinding disc to polish the cut, up and down difference, scratches and deformation of the stone in the air

Glue makes up for the fundamental differences in color and must be plump.

Fine grinding: Do not reduce the number of grinding passes and the number of changing pieces of grinding.

5. 120 mesh, 220 mesh grinding to eliminate the traces left by rough grinding.

 6. 400 mesh, 800 mesh continue to polish the stone surface precision.

Polishing: Do not reduce the number of polishing passes and the number of changeable grinding pieces.

1200 mesh, 2000 mesh, 6000 mesh grinding disc polishing

7. Repair: stop the second repair after grinding and drying.

8. Use special stone repair and caulking glue to repair local gaps after grinding. The part where the caulking glue is not full or scattered shall be repaired again, so that the glue seam and the chipped edges and corners will be smooth and full.

9. After the stone surface is boring, crystallize and harden it until it reaches the appearance effect requested by the model. After the innovation, the travertine stone surface reaches a mirror gloss of 60 degrees or more, and there must be no difference between the upper and lower stones, and the granite stone surface reaches 80 degrees or more without glue leakage.