What is liquid marble

Liquid marble is made by linear sawing, CNC carving, and manual polishing of hard natural stone to form a visual liquefied state.

The product specifications are customized according to the site size, the thickness can be 20/30/50mm, and the weight of 20mm is 55 kg/㎡.

Surface treatment: polished/matt

Common applications: art decoration, household products, wall and floor, etc.

Performance characteristics of liquid marble

The combination of linear sawing and CNC engraving can create a 3D effect of stone

Exquisite and realistic patterns of different depths and inclination can be carved on the stone surface

Coupled with artificial fine polishing, it will show the texture of the natural form

Highlight the exquisite proportions under the reflection of light and shadow, creating an artistic atmosphere

In France, there is a romantic artist Mathieu Lehanneur. He loves the blue ocean and has visited 50 large and small sea areas in the world. These hidden charms emanating through subtle differences in color have given him unlimited creative inspiration.

The designer uses marble to express the blue sea in his mind. From installation art products to large-scale architectural designs, he uses the unique craftsmanship of marble to show extraordinary works of art.

The most representative of his works is the "Liquid Marble" series (liquid marble). Mathieu tried to solidify a certain wonderful moment of dynamic liquid with a hard material, vividly showing the liquidity, luster and flow of sea water, creating a The visual effects are amazing!