Marble cleaning and maintenance

1. Clean in time

Many people find it easy to clean the tiles after accidentally soiling them, and they do not clean them in time. In fact, many things fall on the ground and react with the corresponding substances, causing them to penetrate into the tiles and cannot be completely cleaned. Clean up, it will not be repairable, so once the tiles are soiled, they should be cleaned immediately.

2. Scratch repair

In the space where you move frequently, the tiles will inevitably be scratched, which will affect the smoothness of the tiles and are not beautiful. At this time, you can use floor wax to coat the small scratches, and use a soft cloth to repeatedly Wipe, because the floor wax will generate crystallization due to friction and heat, which will fill the scratches and play a repair role. For some tiles, only a little floor wax is needed for a good repair.

3. Clean often

As far as ceramic tiles are concerned, they are similar to wood boards. They must be cleaned frequently. The cleaning method is relatively easier. Use acid- and alkali-free cleaners. Natural cleaners are better. But be sure not to clean it with ordinary soap or detergent. Because common cleaning agents have acid and alkali corrosion and oxidize the bright glaze layer of ceramic tiles. It will be better to use cleaning products, such as scouring powder and white lightning orange oil, which are sold in general supermarkets. The method is the same as mopping the floor. According to the survey, it is better to clean the tiles in one to two weeks.

4. Waxing regularly

Floor waxing is a well-known thing, but do you know? Marble tiles also need to be waxed, which can not only increase the water resistance and stain resistance of the tiles, but also protect against some friction and impact. In terms of gloss, the tiles can be more shiny. Generally speaking, tiles only need to be waxed once in three months, four times a year, to ensure that your tiles can be used as your mirror.

5.Matters needing attention

1)Do not use steel balls or other hard objects to scrub marble tiles. Generally, you can remove the stains on the surface with a damp cloth.

2) If the marble tiles in the bathroom are contaminated by rust, soap dirt, greasy, etc., you can buy a decontamination paste to clean it, and the decontamination paste is not expensive

3) In the cracks of the tiles, you can use a brush to dip a little decontamination cream to remove the dirt. In order to prevent water seepage and mold growth, you can brush water repellent in the cracks

4) Lift up heavy furniture and everything, don't drag it away, so as not to scratch the surface of the tiles.