Brief description of stone processing process steps

Generally, stone has more processing techniques in processing, and these techniques may not be the most important. However, it is also necessary to understand the processes and steps of these processing techniques. Let's take a look at the steps of the stone processing process: 

1. Grinding, in some public places with a large flow of people, such as the stone used in shopping malls or offices, after a few years, the color will be used in the process. The improper phenomena in the process need to be re-grinded, so that the paving stone can restore its own bright color. In the grinding process, different grinding methods need to be selected for different stones.

2. Polishing, polishing is a process of repairing some stone that has lost its luster, but its overall smoothness and no pores. After polishing, the reflectivity of the stone crystals will also increase, so it becomes colorful, showing the mineral granular crystals in the natural stone, and the luster also comes from the crystal minerals contained in the stone. substance.

3. Because stone has been used in some high-temperature environments for a long time, the surface of the stone will become rough. At this time, the stone needs to be fired and a permeable sealant needs to be used to crack or pores on the stone surface. Seal.

4. Rolling treatment method: In some special stone processing techniques, the marble or limestone fragments need to be placed in the same container for rolling treatment, so that the surface color becomes heavy and old. If you need to restore the color, You need to use a color enhancer to treat it.

5.Sand blasting method: use stone sand and water to spray sand on the surface of the stone under the high-pressure jet of water, so that the surface forms a treatment phenomenon that is shiny but not smooth. Most of the processing methods are some handicrafts for use.