Polishing method used in domestic stone processing

1. Felt-oxalic acid polishing method: suitable for polishing white marble, snowflake, screw turn, sesame white, Ai Yeqing, pink and other stones.

2. Felt-alumina polishing method: suitable for polishing sunset, black jade, purple bean, Hangzhou gray, northeast red and other stones. The hardness of these stones is relatively high.

3. White corundum grinding stone polishing method: suitable for polishing Jinyu, Dandong green, Jinan green, Baihujian and other stones. These stones are not easily polished by the first two types of polishing methods.

Singeing processing is the use of flame emitters to stop the singeing of the sawn granite board to restore its natural appearance. The singeed stone slab is first brushed off the rock fragments with a wire brush, and then sprayed with a mixture of glass slag and water at high pressure, or grinded with a manual grinder of nylon fiber mass, so that the appearance and touch can meet the requirements.

Faceting is a method of processing the surface of the stone cut by a gang saw with a stone cutting machine.

Surface-processed marble and granite slabs are generally cut into waste products of a certain specification by using a fine-grained diamond disc saw.