Tile background wall PK wallpaper background wall, which one do you choose?

Tiles and wallpapers are two common decoration materials for home decoration. When installing home background walls, many people are often entangled with the installation of the tile background wall or the installation wallpaper background wall? The editor made a short tile background wall PK wallpaper background wall. Comparing the advantages and the lack of details, let's take a look at which material of the background wall is better!

1) Advantages PK

Advantages of ceramic tile background wall:

1. The decoration effect is very good, there are many kinds of patterns, you can choose the TV background wall pattern according to my decoration style and hobbies.

2. It is to color the tiles after stopping the pattern firing or carving, the effect is very lifelike, never fade, waterproof and moisture-proof, durable, and the service life can be as long as 50 years.

3. Sound insulation and heat insulation

4. Maintain walls and block toxic gases.

5. Safe and not easy to damage.

6. Convenient construction.

7. To clean the lunch box, you only need water and dry cloth.

Wallpaper advantages:

1. It has sound insulation and heat insulation.

2. Maintain the wall and cover the defects of the wall.

3. The patterns are rich in colors and diverse in styles.

4. The price is cheap.

5. Safe and not easily broken.

6. Glue-faced wallpaper can also set fire and antibacterial.

7. Easy construction.

2) Defect comparison

Defects of ceramic tile background wall:

1. The price is relatively high, costing thousands of dollars per pair.

2. Place an order before consuming, and the consumption cycle will take 7 to 10 days.

3. At present, there are too few physical stores and can only be purchased online.

Wallpaper defect:

1. Release of toxic gas during construction. Harmful to human body.

2. Short application cycle. Normally, it needs to be changed every 1 to 3 years.

3. Moist weather is prone to mildew, and cleaning is more troublesome.