Background wall

Background wall, the foreign name Background wall, is a kind of home decoration art that is decorated in the family living room TV, sofa, porch, bedroom wall and so on. The diverse styles, novel ideas, and advanced craftsmanship not only meet the needs of consumers for decoration, but also show the artistic temperament, which is the separation of commerce and art.

The background wall has the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, and wave absorption. It can also be used in the decoration and decoration of hotels, restaurants, KTVs, nightclubs and other cultural and entertainment venues. It can also be used in performance halls, cinemas, opera houses, audio-visual rooms, studios, recording studios, etc. Sound-absorbing and soundproofing requires professional wall decoration.

There are multiple design categories for the background wall, which can be directly decorated with one kind of material to form the entire background wall, or a combination of various elements can be combined to form a part of the background wall. The choice of room color and collocation should be based on the psychological feelings of the owner.

Wall decorations with sound absorption, sound insulation, and wave absorption functions can not only be applied to the home decoration of the family living room TV background wall, sofa background wall, porch, bedroom wall, etc., but also can be used in hotels, restaurants, karaoke rooms, KTV, nightclubs and other entertainment venues. The decoration can be applied to professional wall decorations such as auditoriums, cinemas, opera houses, audio-visual rooms, studios, recording studios and other sound-absorbing and soundproofing requirements. With the beautiful background wall, the original monotonous and tasteless feeling of the room is removed, and the living room life of consumers is vivid and warm.

The living room is a place for family leisure and friends and relatives to gather, and the family entertainment of the masses is mainly watching TV, watching VCD, singing karaoke, etc. Therefore, the TV background wall in the living room has become the center that attracts people's attention most. In fact, in the design of home decoration, the TV background wall has long become the "focus" of the design, and it is also a special space that expresses the owner's personalization. The TV wall is also the TV background decoration wall. It is one of the key points of room decoration, especially large-sized rooms. It occupies a very important position in the decoration. The TV wall is usually to compensate for the width of the TV background wall in the living room. To retouch the role of the living room. Since the TV wall is the center where family members stare the most, it will be tiresome to watch for years and months, so its decoration is particularly elegant. It should be said that how to decorate the TV background wall beautifully is one thing that makes the owner very worry-free. There are many decorative materials available for the TV cabinet background decoration wall, including wood, natural stone, and artificial cultural bricks and fabrics. of. But for the TV background wall, it is not very important what materials are used. The most important thing is to think about the beauty of this part of the appearance and the impact on the entire space. There are also designers who use mineral wool sound-absorbing panels as materials for TV sound absorption The wall is to glue the sound-absorbing board of mineral wool on the flat wall or blockboard, and combine it into a certain pattern after careful design. The sound-absorbing board can also be sprayed into the color that people like with paint. It is both decorative and also It has a strong applicability and plays the role of indoor sound absorption and noise reduction. The choice of background wall must be separated from fashion and classic, so that people are not prone to visual fatigue.