Young artists play cross-border The perfect interpretation of marble and landscape


Yuan Maoheng

Born in 1996

Studied at the Sculpture Department of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts

Main research materials

Academician of Chinese Academy of Buddhist Art, Calligraphy and Painting, signed calligraphy and painting

Member of Hebei Young Artists Association

Researcher of the Institute of Calligraphy and Painting Art, Modern Management University

Exhibitors and awards

2019 year

"Positive Youth" The 15th Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition

(Shanghai Liu Haisu Art Museum)

"New Huizhou Art Avant-Garde Training Program-2019 Anhui Youth Prints and Sculptures Exhibition" won the Avant-Garde Award

(Anhui Central Art Museum)

"<Chinese Contemporary College Students Art Works Yearbook>"

(Beijing Chinese Art Yearbook)

"The 2nd Houtan Contemporary Art Fair "Ancient City Yuanshang"

(Xi'an Majestic Museum)

"East Asia Tour invitation exhibition of contemporary artists"

(Beijing Modern Management University Art Museum)

2020 year

"Hilton Art Gallery "In the Clouds" National Painting Exhibition"

(Hangzhou Yizhi Art Museum)

"Pandemic War"-2020 China New Coronavirus Anti-epidemic Exhibition

(Tianjin Young Artists Alliance Online & Offline Exhibition)

 "Coming together to fight the epidemic, young artists are in action" Youth Art Exhibition

(Hebei Young Artists Association)

"Under The Rock" Public Welfare Art Exhibition

(Shanghai MUSEu&m Mobile Mind Museum)

"Youth Art Resists"-National Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of Youth Themes for Preventing, Controlling and Fighting Epidemic

(Hunan Yipin Art Museum)

"What is art?"

(Beijing Foundry Art Museum)

Great Art Expo "Art from the Guard-Nansha Anti-epidemic Theme Art Works Collection Public Welfare Action"

(Guangzhou Art Expo)

2020 International Contemporary Art Street Online Exhibition

(Tianjin Young Artists Union)

Young Chinese Artists | Yuan Maoheng·Wei Solo Exhibition (1) (2)

(Hebei Youth Calligraphy and Painting Association)

Contemporary Youth Illustrated Book Theme Art Exhibition

(Dahe Art Museum)

The 2nd May Fourth Art Season & Shi Yunji Series Theme Exhibition

(Shanghai Art Bund)

2020 Fantasy Kingdom-Nomination Exhibition of Emerging Artists

(Beijing 798 Mei Song Studio)

2020 CADA International Concept Art Design Award


Create an image to express your meaning-Chinese and foreign art works exhibition

(Suzhou·Kunshan Art Palace)

2020 SSR "Silk Road Star" International Art Competition

2020 National Undergraduate Ink Culture Design Award

2020 ITCD International Trend Culture Design Competition

2020 ICVA International Council of Visual Arts Awards

2020 The 6th "Academic Award" National Art and Design Competition

Many exhibitions and awards

Heavy ink series

Xianyiyou·Yu Ke writes Jiangshan

Creative inspiration-author's statement:

I wander among thousands of waters and mountains, waterfalls and torrents, rocky ups and downs, hidden green hills and wandering green waters. Mountains, forests, trees and rocks are shaded by each other, deeply awakening my silent soul. There are no concrete landscapes, birds and beasts in the painting, there is no flashy life, and there is no abstract show off. Put every viewer in the mountains and seas, swim in the air, and appreciate the tranquility of the mountains and plains.

With freehand brushwork, thousands of mountains are floating in the air, green and blue. Being in the mountains and seas is interesting, and I yearn for it.



Other works display


Light Language Series-Talking|Installation|28x21x55cm|2019



Pattern Series-Annual Rings|20x20x85cm|2020



Pattern Series——Ming|30x7x60 30x7x90cm|2020 (Part 1)

Pattern Series——Ripple-Ripple|60x7x30cm|2020 (Part 2)



Heavy Ink Series-Northland Golden Autumn|130x60cm|2019 (Part 1)

Heavy Ink Series-Yunshan|195x114cm|2019 (Part 2)


Light Ink Series-Dance of Life|Oil Painting|40x30cm|2019


"Exotic Rain-Depression" | Oil Painting | 120x120cm | 2019



Magic Heart Series——Arashi|Camphorwood, Cypress|90x90x10cm|2020 (Part 1)

Magic Heart Series—Night -1|Camphorwood and Cypress|80x100x10cm|2020 (Part 2)

Zero Jump Series-Fortune, Accumulation, Uptrend | Photosensitive resin, white steel coloring | 2019

Spiritual Dream Home Series-Seeking|Glass Steel, Resin, Metal Coloring|155x35x65cm|2020