How to make the light strip of the marble staircase?

How to make the "light strip" of the marble staircase?

"Light strip" as a new type of decorative element is a highly sought-after element in architectural design, landscape design or in the field of home decoration, and it is widely used by designers. Its use illuminates the steps, increases the layering of the stairs, and enriches the light environment.

Nowadays, many customers of modern, simple, light and luxurious houses will choose to make "lights" with stone stairs. The general practice is to glue the light bar to the bottom of both sides. In this way, you need to buy a light bar with a smaller specification, but you can still see it. This is a very popular way to illuminate stairs now. The LED "light strip" is embedded under the stair treads, which can see the light but not the cumbersome lamps, and has a very eye-catching visual effect. Now let us enjoy the beautiful pictures of the effect of the stone stairs with lights