How to choose a marble background wall

How to choose a marble background wall

The house is used for a lifetime, and more effort is needed before decoration. The background wall is responsible for the beauty of the home decoration, it is very necessary to spend more effort on it. In the stylish and modern decoration style, the marble background wall is a commonly used design element. Every piece of marble is different, not only the texture is different, but also the patterns. The background wall made of marble can be luxurious or simple, European or Chinese, and the visual experience is very comfortable. Today, I will discuss with you in depth the marble background wall:

1. What is a marble background wall.

Marble background wall is also called image wall, TV wall and so on. Generally used in the entrance hall, the main wall of the living room, the bedside of the bedroom, etc., where the visual impact is relatively large.

2. Why use marble background wall

Compared with other ordinary background walls, the cost of the marble background wall is relatively higher. So why should we choose it?

First of all, of course it is the value of the face. Beauty is justice. Needless to say, those buildings, five-star and seven-star hotels, etc., which are decorated without marble?

Secondly, it is practical.

The marble background wall is not only excellent in appearance, but also practical.

,Environmental friendly. Marble is composed of natural calcium, so there is no need to worry about excessive formaldehyde.

Second, it is resistant to high temperature, mildew and deformation. Decoration is an extremely energy-intensive and financially intensive task. We always hope to use it longer after the decoration is finished. If mold spots grow, the good house will be destroyed. The marble has a fine structure, is resistant to high temperature and humidity, and will not be deformed or moldy for decades.

Third, it is clean. In a house that has been used for so many years, the marble background wall can be as clean as new as long as it is gently wiped with a soft cloth.

Three. How to choose a marble background wall

Since the price/performance ratio of the marble background wall is so high, how should we choose?

First of all, determine the style of home decoration.

The marble background wall is the embodiment of the decoration style of a certain space. Whether the home decoration is Chinese or European, luxurious or minimal, after confirmation, it can be reflected through the marble background wall.

Second, pay attention to the overall mix.

Marble has rich colors. When choosing a marble background wall, we can focus on choosing those soft, generous, and not easily outdated colors, such as beige, white, gray, and brown. The marble background wall is to be used for many years. These colors are the basic color system and are not easy to be out of date. Pay attention to the response between the ground, wall and three-dimensional space to create a harmonious and orderly effect.

Life needs surprises and poetry. A home environment with a sense of ceremony is more likely to bring people happiness. You are welcome to come to Jinchang to buy marble background walls.