The uncle invented the

With the rapid development of the economy, the status of handmade products is getting higher and higher. For example, natural stone, an ancient building material, has always occupied a place in the history of human gardens.

In recent years, the stone industry has not been easy. On the one hand, the real estate downturn and infrastructure construction have basically been completed, which has caused the stone market to "cannot sell".

On the other hand, affected by environmental protection control, stone companies have to increase investment in environmental protection. Coupled with the impact of "load limit orders" and rising prices of auxiliary materials, the total cost of processed stone products is only high.

Under heavy pressure, stone quality and cost control account for a larger proportion of the overall strength of the company than before, and the company can only maintain its own business if it achieves a more scientific and environmentally friendly transformation and more refined management. Survival and development.

Therefore, many stone enterprises have begun to slow down their development, thinking about how to reduce the production cost of stone and improve product quality to adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition.

It is reported that due to the advancement of modern mining and processing technology, stone has been widely used in modern landscapes. Because stone is a natural substance, it has many inevitable defects, and flawed and defective stone products are customers. Unacceptable, many factories will cause huge waste and loss for this reason.

In order to be able to deal with these inferior stones, those who do stone foreign trade often receive help from factories to deal with these secondary products. Of course, the price is relatively cheap.

It is worth mentioning that an inventor can use his own technology to turn these discarded stones into treasures. It only takes 3 minutes to turn the stones into exquisite Roman columns and other works of art.

As we all know, the Roman column is a new craft product that has emerged in the concrete material industry in recent years. It mainly imitates the special lines and textures of European ancient Roman architecture, and combines modern craftsmanship and aesthetics. The two are a perfect blend. Together, it is the collision between the past and the present in time and space.

The tool used by the inventor is the stone profiling machine developed by himself, which not only makes the shape of the Roman column ever-changing, but also has a very high efficiency, which can process 8 pieces at the same time. Before that, I really didn't even dare to think about it. Humans were far inferior to machines in terms of technology and efficiency.

The most important thing is that the inventor can process more than 2,000 Roman columns with this stone profiling machine. Now with the continuous growth of his business, he has opened three processing plants to process stone.