Marble background wall, just read this one

The TV wall is a place that most people care about in the decoration of homes. Therefore, the TV wall has also derived a variety of shapes or functional designs. Today we are introducing a TV wall design with wooden veneer on both sides + marble in the middle. , Through such a simple and exquisite design, a unique TV wall can be installed, and such a simple and fashionable combination is also very classic and generous.

Simple elegance of rough stone

The two sides of the TV wall have raw wood texture, and the middle is marble texture. Through such natural and elegant texture matching, it can bring a modern and elegant sense of space, very simple and natural, suitable for modern minimalist style.

Elegant white marble

The wood on both sides is replaced with white board, and the frame shape with plaster line texture is suitable for some European and American styles, and the overall effect is very elegant.

Black and white

Dark wood on the side + marble in the middle. This combination is suitable for some decoration styles such as Chinese, classical, and light luxury. The calm tone brings a solemn sense of space.

Add lines to show exquisiteness

If you want the space to appear more refined and layered, you can also add decorative lines to the wood on both sides, embellishment with the texture of metal or black glass, to make the space appear richer and more layered.

Of course, for families who pay attention to practical functions, a practical and beautiful design will be more suitable for them. Let's share some of them below.

With storage cabinet, practical and generous

A storage display cabinet is added to the wooden side to keep the TV wall beautiful and generous. It also has practical and rich storage functions. It is a very good design. There are several display racks in the storage cabinet and exquisite decorations. , To make the TV wall more elegant.

Invisible door

If there is a door on the TV wall, through the design of side wood + middle marble, the door can be hidden into the side wood, which is very ingenious and delicate.