How to choose a background wall

Usually, the TV background wall is the performance of the living room style, so at the beginning of the design, the designer first thinks about how the background wall style matches the overall style of the living room, especially the furniture, which can better stand out under the premise of improving the overall style. Personalized pursuit of the owner.

If you prefer traditional Chinese culture, you can pass calligraphy and painting, seals, and painting "elements" on the background wall to stop the design and match. Simple cultural stones and wall tiles, marble with natural patterns, walnut, ash and other woods are all good The material.

Stainless steel and glass are commonly used to express fashionable and avant-garde style, while geometric patterns and irregular lines are mostly used to interpret this style.

Some modern and simple style homes like to use hand-painted, liquid wallpaper and even artistic paints, and paint some flowers, branches and vines to express their tacky sentiment.

However, with regard to the TV background wall, it is not very important what materials are used. Since the same material can also be used to make a background wall of different styles, the most important thing is to think about the beauty of this partial appearance and the impact on the entire space. . Nowadays, after plasma TVs and LCD TVs have become the protagonists of the living room, some designs have begun to complete the "invisible" of home appliances. The designer takes household appliances as an element in the design, puts the placement of the household appliances in the background picture, and decorates it with appropriate pictures, which completely becomes a part of the background picture.

How to choose TV background wall paper:

1. Large walls should be mixed and matched to avoid monotony: Whether it is a large apartment or a small apartment, as long as it is designed properly, the background wall can make an atmospheric effect. Please remember that the TV background wall is also a detailed way to reflect the owner's tolerance and heart. If the area of the background wall is large, it can be used in both horizontal and vertical directions. In order to prevent monotony, two or three different materials can be used to stop cutting and appearance, or stop the plane composition to express the sense of hierarchy.

It is the easiest to use colorful wallpaper and wall coverings as a background wall. Just look at the colors and patterns to suit the style of the living room.

2. Color divergence and appearance should not be abrupt: as a part of the living room decoration, the background wall must be different from the color of the entire space in the grasp of the color. There is a saying in geomancy that if the color system of the TV background wall is not in harmony with the color of the living room, it will not only affect the perception, but also affect the mood. But generally speaking, elegant white, light blue, light green, bright yellow, red decorated with light gold are all good colors, too dark and eye-catching colors are easy to make people feel heavy and flustered.