Background wall color

Green, fresh and leisurely, yellow, orange, sunshine-like warmth, red, white, pink, youthful, gray, red, beautiful and charming.

1. Green, fresh and leisurely

Green is the meaning of life, and it also represents the refreshing air. It is used to decorate the TV background wall and has the effect of stabilizing the mood. Green will not have a sense of suppression, and there will be no sense of temperature difference. The color scheme is different from the natural color, and a slightly darker color can create a peaceful atmosphere.

2. Yellow, orange, warm as the sun

Yellow is the brightest of the colors, giving people a warm feeling. The color of the background wall of the LCD TV in the living room can be whitish creamy yellow, giving people a broad visual effect, and the color can be gray or orange. Yellow with gray, quiet.

3. Red, white, pink, youthful

The red is gorgeous, the white is innocent, and the pink is mature. Red is the most dazzling and has a tightly locked visual effect. The amount of red used should be controlled. Pink, likable, mature and fashionable. White has a sense of cleanliness and shrinkage. When the space is small, it can be white to make the space grow and open.

4. Gray and red, beautiful to show charm

Gray is suitable for matching with any color, and it will not give people a sense of disorder. The combination of red and gray, and the simple and elegant dark color in the unified bright color, will appear elegant and modern. If you want to "show beauty in stability", please try to use this color scheme.