Requirements for stone plate processing

1. The slab processing slotting request of the short groove type device meets the following conditions: each slab has two short flat grooves on the lower side, the length of the short flat groove is not less than 100mm, the effective groove depth is not less than 15mm, and the groove width is 6mm Or 7mm; the thickness of the stainless steel support plate is not less than 3.0mm. The distance between the two ends of the stone slab between the two short grooves is not more than 3 times the thickness of the slab and not less than 85mm, nor is it more than 180mm. The slab shall not be damaged or cracked after being grooved. Phenomenon, the notch should be polished to a 45 chamfer, and the groove should be lubricated clean.

2. Requests for stone plate processing: the joints of the stone slabs have no defects such as collapse or dark cracks. The color of the stone surface should meet the design request, and the pattern should be checked according to the example. There must be no obvious color difference around the stone. The number of the slate is different from the design, so it will not be disordered.

3. Separate the slate and its combination method, and stop processing according to the affirmative design.