How to put 1200x2400 tiles on the wall What is the background wall of tiles

Soak in water before paving, and fill the soaked tiles with a lot of cement and plump. Stick the piles of cement bricks on the wall along the pallets and hit them with a rubber hammer. After knocking it out, take it down to see where there is a lack of pulp in the center and fill it up.

1. After filling the center that is not full, sprinkle with plain cement (pure cement), stick it on the wall again, flatten it, and knock it firmly with a rubber hammer.

2. Since the cement is always going to fall, after it is pasted, it must be filled with mortar again.

3. In order to stick the wall tiles (the joints of the bricks) are flat and regular, toothpicks or fine iron nails should be inserted into the joints of the bricks during the pasting process. After the cement has solidified, take it out. The bricks posted in this way will be strong and smooth.

What is the tile background wall?

1. Using it to decorate will make the level of the home look much improved, and there are many graphics to choose from. You can also choose the graphics of the tile background wall according to your favorite style, such as out-of-town style. , European and American style, non-mainstream style and so on. You can also make your favorite pictures into the background wall you want.

2. Since the manufacturing process is to stop the picture on the tile, or to finish the carving, the color is finally added, so the vision is a great enjoyment. Basically, the color will not change anymore, and the moisture resistance will not be the same as the wallpaper. The characteristic of moisturizing after a short period of use.

3. It is also very important. Because it is manufactured according to your characteristics, it can be manufactured completely according to your decoration request and theoretical scale, so it can be said that it is rare in most areas near you.

4. As the highlight of the living room decoration, the ceramic tile background wall can express the owner's taste and artistic self-cultivation, so how to choose the TV background wall and raw materials is very important, and the ceramic tile TV background wall allows you to deal with this problem.

5. Sound insulation and heat insulation.

6. Maintain the walls to isolate toxic gases.

7. Safe and not easy to damage.