How to make the background wall

1. We are no strangers to the ceramic tile TV background wall. We feel that the large apartment is still relatively suitable. The advantage of relatively large is that it is easy to clean, and it is not easy to damage. The relatively large harm is not warm. Although the decorating master highly recommended this, he still didn't choose this option.

2. The wallpaper TV background wall is more common, and the contrast is warm and fashionable. The question is that the wallpaper simply falls off. However, because it is still relatively convenient to paste, just buy a few more rolls of wallpaper to compensate. Before the editor, I wanted to use wallpaper as a TV background wall. After considering it, I chose the wall covering background wall of Option 3.

3. The wall covering background wall can be said to be an upgraded version of the wallpaper background wall. Visually speaking, the wallpaper background wall and the wall covering background wall are completely the same. In terms of application, the quality of wall coverings far surpasses that of wallpaper, and the beginning of the year is also long.

4. This is a comparatively popular TV background decoration method in recent years. Since it is the end of the craft, there is no such a TV background wall, showing the common and characteristic of the host family. Compared with the purchase information, the owner can choose the image he likes and customize it thoroughly.

5. The marble background wall and the ceramic tile background wall mentioned in Process 1 have the same effect. But the marble background wall is much more expensive. Marble is more beautiful and cool in summer and warm in winter. But the price is not as high as usual. Especially when it is used as a background wall, we all choose expensive ones, several hundred and one meter.

6. Stainless steel can also be used to decorate the TV background wall. I have seen several models before, and they are decorated with business features. The stainless steel bead is not easy to damage and looks atmospheric. The quotation is also okay.