Under the epidemic situation, domestic marble is on the road to revival

Caesar Grey, Hermès Grey... Recently, when visiting the market, the reporter found that many old stone dealers specializing in imported marble have replaced or added stone varieties one after another. In terms of product names, most of them are domestic marble varieties.

The current epidemic is still spreading around the world, and the major marble producing countries Turkey, Iran, Italy and other countries have become distant places that domestic stone people want to go but dare not go. However, China's Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangxi and other places have become the next stop for Shuitou Stone people, and domestic marble is on the road to revival. 


1. Distributors move to domestic mines

"Next week, I will go to Yunnan again to check the mining conditions of the contracted mines. By the way, I will look for other cities to see if there are other good mines." On the 5th, the reporter was in Sixin Stone, Haixi Stone City. I met Li Asi, the goddess of the mining industry, a woman who has focused on the stone industry for nearly 20 years. She is reliable, professional, and very keen on the market. She had already planned for the selection of varieties two years ago.

Li Asi told reporters that many stone people were panicked in the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, but she did not panic because she did not worry about not having any products to sell. "Although I have been working in Turkish mines for more than ten years, two or three years ago, I began to slowly extend my tentacles to domestic mines. While the main product is Turkey's Ace Beige, I also sell some domestic varieties."

After experiencing this epidemic, she completely focused on domestic marble. "Although the mines in Turkey are still mining, we can't make it through. We can only use the video to order materials. This is millions of dollars. Few people dare to take this risk. It is a big deal to change the variety." Li Asi said, now Most of the imported marble varieties that are still in business are ordered last year and have not been sold out.

Talking about the transformation of domestic distributors, Wu Xiaowen, general manager of Shengli Stone Industry, said frankly that affected by the epidemic, everyone will inevitably be worried about the instability of imported products. Even if the epidemic can be fully controlled in the second half of the year, and the Turkish mines can be launched in August and September, it will take October at the earliest for the blocks to reach the head. The goods hoarded last year should have been sold almost in the first half of the year, and a long window period will inevitably occur afterwards, so it is very possible that someone will change the varieties.

Wu Xiaowen told reporters that she and her husband established the Marble Division of Shengli Stone Industry in 2009 to deal with imported varieties from Turkey. Until 3 years ago, they slowly began to try to add domestic varieties-Jin Xiangyu and Black and White Root. Imported and domestic stones are grasped with both hands. Even if you can't go out and order materials, you don't have to worry about the shelf space being idle.

In the Gaoshi Daban market, the reporter saw Haibo Stone, which is still full of imported varieties. Haibo Stone Industry General Manager Jiang Chuang told reporters that they had terminated their cooperation with Turkish mines last year, and the Bentley gray and Bentley white on sale were also stockpiled last year. This year they began to look for domestic mine varieties. However, there are not many varieties of domestic high-quality marble, and no alternative varieties have been found.

Merchants such as Sixin and Haibo who have terminated cooperation with Turkish mines are not alone in Shuitou. At the moment of the epidemic, importing to domestic production may have become the choice of many stone dealers in Shuitou.


2. Mature domestic varieties are popular

It is understood that after May, several domestic marble-producing provinces-Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Yunnan, and Guizhou, have attracted wave after wave of stone people.

"China has explored a lot of marble mines, and not many have successfully entered the market. In addition, many traders in Shuitou previously dealt with imported materials, and they could not make good judgments on domestic marble. Therefore, it appeared. A swarm of mature old mines has emerged." Stone industry expert Bai Lijiang believes that if the source is well controlled, this year may be an opportunity for the development of domestic marble.

During the conversation, the reporter learned that the Baili River, which has gone through more than 500 domestic mines, has become a reference guide for the stone industry. Anyone who wants to operate a new product will invite him to visit the mine. He told reporters that in the past year, he spent half of his time in mines, and this week, he was invited to go to a mine in Hubei for investigation.

"In the past, 70 to 80% of the beige marble varieties at the head of the water came from Turkey. With the changes in market trends, the mainstream variety in Turkey, beige marble, has gradually suffered a cold shoulder, and black, white and gray marbles have emerged. Part of the buyers of blocks returned to China, which gave birth to the domestic marble craze.” Bai Lijiang said that at present domestic mature marble varieties are very popular, such as gold inlaid jade, black and white roots, Hermes gray, Caesar gray and other domestic varieties. There are also many people who are highly respected for business operations.

Li Asi frankly said that in view of the disorderly mining of domestic stone materials in the past, the old stone people are more cautious about the choice of domestic marble varieties. This is why there are still many traders who are still on the sidelines even if they do not import stone again.

"Everyone knows that domestic mines are not as good as Italy, Turkey, Iran, etc., in terms of resource control, so no one is willing to easily promote a new product, and they don't want to'predecessors build pavilions and future generations to enjoy the shade.' So, Most old stone people will choose relatively mature and market-recognized varieties." Li Asi believes that when professional stone buyers return to China, this will also force domestic mines to become virtuous and professional. At that time, new varieties will be slowly accepted.

3. Promote with the help of designer channels

According to industry insider Ai Mengchen, mature varieties are limited. When a large number of traders pour into domestic mines, more new varieties will inevitably need to be developed.

"China actually has a lot of good marble varieties, but they are not widely promoted." Ai Mengchen said that although there are currently many domestic mine operating companies that can help increase the value of mines, it is necessary to make domestic varieties faster and better. To be promoted, more designer channels are still needed.

He believes that many people in first-tier cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing have established closer ties with design companies, and they should be allowed to join the promotion team.

In the opinion of Zhu Shaohua, Chairman of Mining Duoduo, in order to successfully operate a new product, it is necessary to formulate an agency mechanism of "opening a good mine, setting up a good game, finding good people, and dividing good profits", so that mine owners, distributors, and design The teachers together obtain long-term stable income.

"Behind every successful distributor, there is a huge designer resource. If you hand over a new product to them, it will be half the success." Zhu Shaohua said frankly that many domestic distributors are reluctant to operate new products because they are worried about source resources. Can't control it. At present, they are guiding the mine owners to establish a complete price protection system and agency mechanism while opening a good mine.

In the view of Shanshui Mining General Manager Li Shanshan, an epidemic has given China Marble a chance to be proud. “In the past, everyone focused on foreign countries. Few people paid attention to domestic varieties. Without professional people to guide mining, the mines have gradually become disorderly. Now because of the epidemic, the pace of stone people going abroad is restricted, and they are This is a better opportunity for domestic stone materials. When there are more business people, there will be more people buying, and the standardized management of mines will come up.