Strictly check! Another big province of stone has strictly investigated truck overloading for 100 days!

In order to effectively maintain road traffic safety in Jilin Province and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, in accordance with the unified deployment of Jilin Province’s overcoming control work and the instructions of the leaders of Jilin Province, the Department of Transportation of Jilin Province, the Department of Public Security of Jilin Province and the Department of Emergency Management of Jilin Province have decided that from today Launched a 100-day special rectification action against illegal and overloaded freight trucks. This action started with the control of "hundred-ton king", tank trucks, illegal operating vehicles and other problems, continued to deepen the results of the "Spring Thunder Operation", rectified and rectified illegal and illegal behaviors in an all-round way, and severely cracked down on illegal operations. Limit overloading transportation behavior and resolutely ensure the safety, smooth and efficient operation of roads.


Comprehensive analysis, research and judgment, and master the characteristics and laws of the "hundred-ton king" truck

Comprehensive analysis and judgment of the source of illegal loading. Strengthen the exploration and arrangement of the source enterprises and places of freight transportation such as mines, stone factories, sand and gravel yards, logistics parks, etc., identify key freight source and key enterprises, guide enterprises to install and use weighing testing equipment and monitoring facilities, and urge source units to fully implement source control over Obligation to effectively prevent illegal over-limit and overloaded transport vehicles from leaving the factory (stations, mines) on the road, and resolutely prevent illegal over-limit and overloaded transport vehicles from leaving the factory (yard) on the road.

Comprehensively explore the characteristics of the traffic law of overloaded vehicles. According to the local road network conditions, make full use of the video surveillance system, collect all kinds of situation information, combine with daily management experience, and find out the regular characteristics of the road section, time period, flow direction, and vehicle over-limit and overload characteristics in the jurisdiction.

Strengthen the joint logistics linkage, severely investigate and punish the outstanding illegal acts of the "hundred-ton king" truck

Carry out fixed-point joint law enforcement. Transportation, public security, and transportation departments must cooperate closely, rely on over-limit detection stations, and focus on three-axle and above trucks, carry out joint law enforcement on roads, and focus on investigating and punishing serious overloading violations; in accordance with "Trucks must be inspected, over-limit prohibited entry" According to the requirements, the trucks that intend to enter the expressway shall be fully weighed and inspected, and the investigation and punishment of illegal and overloaded vehicles shall be strengthened.

It is necessary to focus on the "Midnight Operation." Seriously analyze and judge the road network situation in the jurisdiction and the characteristics of the "Hundred Ton King" truck driving rules, and focus on organizing the "Midnight Operation" against the "Hundred Ton King" trucks in key areas, key road sections, scientific deployment of investigation time, investigation locations, and investigation forces. .

Strictly implement the "one overtaking and four penalties". When the public security department finds out-of-limit and overloaded vehicles during law enforcement, in addition to ordering them to unload and punish them in accordance with the law, the transportation department shall impose corresponding penalties on enterprises, vehicles, drivers, and freight yards in accordance with the requirements of “one overrun and four penalties” in the document.

Increase the intensity of joint disciplinary action. The transportation management agency shall, in accordance with the provisions of the "Road Safety Protection Regulations", on the freight vehicles and freight vehicle drivers who have illegally exceeded the limit for more than 3 times within a year, and the freight vehicles that have illegally exceeded the limit for transportation within a year exceed 10% of the total number of freight vehicles of the unit The transportation companies impose penalties, and in accordance with the provisions of the "Road Transport Regulations", impose penalties on operators of freight transport sites.

Strengthen the tracing of the source, and thoroughly investigate the source of violations of the "hundred-ton king" truck

Dig deep into the source of illegal loading. For the seized "hundred-ton king" trucks, it is necessary to investigate the source of the goods and the source enterprise from vehicle to vehicle, report to the detachment and brigade where the source is located, and report the relevant information to the Traffic Management Bureau of the Provincial Public Security Department level by level. The source detachment and brigade should jointly carry out investigations with the transportation department to promote relevant departments to strengthen source governance. For areas where the source of freight is severely overloaded, the Department of Transportation of Jilin Province and the Department of Public Security of Jilin Province will supervise the area through the coordination mechanism of the supervision work leading group, supervise the rectification, and announce it to the public.

Strictly control registration. The public security department shall strictly implement the "Technical Conditions for Safety of Motor Vehicle Operation" (GB7258) and other standards and regulations. Vehicles that do not meet the safety technical standards and are inconsistent with the "Announcement of Vehicle Manufacturers and Products" shall not be registered.

Severely crack down on illegal activities such as blocking number plates and rushing into highway stations

Highway management agencies at all levels, Jigao Group and other units shall comprehensively sort out and investigate illegal activities such as blocking number plates, vehicle card violations, refusal of inspections, blockage of lanes for excuses, and damage to related facilities and equipment that have recently occurred at highway stations in the region, and establish prominent Illegal activities are registered in a ledger, effective evidence is provided, and targeted rectification plans are studied and formulated with the public security department to strictly investigate and crack down; for serious violations such as violence against the law, assaults on staff, damage to related facilities and equipment, the public security department shall promptly comply with the law Investigate and deal with; if a crime is involved, it shall be resolutely transferred to the judicial organ for criminal responsibility; if a clue is suspected to be involved in a crime-related issue, it shall be transferred to the relevant unit for handling in accordance with relevant regulations.