The secret of Wulianhua Stone finally can’t be hidden, it turned out to be like this

Which level of the five lotus flowers is more corroded? The five lotus flowers will be installed in the house but sometimes installed outside, which greatly accelerates the corrosion of the five lotus flowers. The following is my interpretation for everyone about the five lotus flowers. Which environmental pollution is more serious? Below, I will explain to everyone on which level the five lotus flowers are more corroded.

Roadside stone five lotus

Human chemical corrosion

1. Industrial pollutant vapors, such as nitrogen oxides, nitrogen oxides, sulfur metal oxides, carbon metal oxides and acid particles, such as surges in the content, this chemical substance dissolved in the water will cause acid rain hazards , It is corrosive to the produced stone and endangers its service life.

2. Industrial waste gas emissions include acid or alkali "slag" and "waste" corroded, corroded stones.

3. During the whole process of construction, it is very possible to accidentally produce corrosive organic chemical Chinese medicine preparations sprinkled with stones.

4. Remove stones or stones for maintenance times, and improperly apply curing agents to produce corroded urinary stones.

Five lotus flat stones

Naturally chemical corrosion caused by the following elements

1. In the course of N2, O2, H2O charging and discharging, the HNO3 acid rain is harmful to produce and cause corrosion of stones around the main road.

2. Sodium cyanide germs are the natural gas HN3, O2, HNO3 acid corroded stone under the standard.

Top five lotus roadside stones

The above is what I have introduced to you about the importance of the five-lotus flower prevention and management methods. It is not clear whether everyone has mastered it.