From dusty sky to green trees, China Environment News focuses on the transformation of Liuzhou mine in Guangxi

On August 19, the headline of the second page of "China Environment News" reported extensively on the ecological management of mines in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Taking the huge comparison before and after the rectification of the Huangling limestone mining area as an example, praised Liuzhou for its efforts to curb mines. Pollution, the main line of work to resolutely create a green mine, praises the spirit of Liuzhou people in the ecological management of mines, unwilling to be left behind, and working hard.



▲The person in charge of the company tells the environmental law enforcement personnel about the rectification process

"The relevant requirements for green mine mining and construction have not been implemented, and the dust pollution in the mining area is more serious." This is the feedback left by the fourth ecological and environmental protection inspection team of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in 2019 after the inspection of the Huangling limestone mining area in Liuzhou.

Time has changed, and now I step into the mining area, breathing moist air, the road under my feet is flat, the trees beside the road are straight, and the factory in the distance is regular. The 0.6 square kilometer mining area is hidden in the mountains and forests. Compared with a limestone quarry with an annual output of 3.6 million tons, It is more like a green manufacturing factory. In August 2020, less than a year after the end of the autonomous region’s environmental protection inspections, the Huangling limestone mining area in Liujiang District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi, has gone from a mine that “grazes in dust” to a gold mountain of “ecological, environmental, and economic benefits”.

"For a little money, make the air very bad"


▲Comparison before and after mine rectification

"The car hasn't reached the mining area, and a piece of dust has been seen rising from the woods." Jiao Yanxiong, head of the Liujiang District Environmental Protection Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade, recalled that in October 2019, after receiving feedback from the autonomous region's inspection team, law enforcement The brigade immediately organized personnel to rush to the site for inspection. At that time, after fierce market competition, the original four quarries in the Huangling mining area were integrated into one, and the construction of the mine was completed and production began. However, the nature of "grazing in the dust" has not been improved due to the survival of the fittest in the market: the entire mining area rock Bare, no hardened roads, no spoils, no sprinkler and dust suppression facilities, serious dust pollution brings more serious non-point source pollution, and no grass grows around the mine.

A villager surnamed Wei, who lives in Wencun Village of Huangling Village, said that she was not surprised to learn that the Huangling mining area was "picked out" by the autonomous region's ecological and environmental protection inspectors. Ten years ago, the western foothills of Huangling Mountain were rich in mountain fungus, but now they are nowhere to be found. The thick stone dust covered the thick of the trees that used to be long fungus. During the production of the mine, dust was flying in the sky, waste water flowed everywhere, and the foot of the mountain was covered with plaster. She had to cover her mouth and nose when she passed by on a motorcycle several times.

Although it is one kilometer away from the mine, there is often a layer of stone dust on the glass at home. "We don't welcome them (the mine), for a little money, make the air very bad." She said bluntly.

"Patience to check, hard-fist to change"


▲Comparison before and after mine rectification

“I did feel a lot of pressure at the beginning.” Liang Jianqing, director of the Liujiang Ecological Environment Bureau of Liuzhou City, said. When he saw the feedback from the autonomous region’s ecological and environmental protection inspectors in 2019, the problem of the Huangling limestone mining area was listed, and his brain "buzzed". "Mine rectification is difficult and slow to take effect. The initiative for many rectification items lies in the mines." He pondered over and over again, convened a meeting of the bureau team, and proposed "Patience to check and make changes."

"We have to go to the site more, make more appointments, and do the work softly and hard, but if you don't change it, you can't." Fortunately, all higher-level units attach great importance to it. The Liuzhou City Environmental Protection Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment has sent people to the mine for inspections many times. Guidance, the district government organized to go out to study, and issued the "Liujiang District Mine Forest Ecological Environment Comprehensive Management Plan", "These have given us a lot of help."

"We also rectified and reformed in response to the opposition, and persuaded shareholders one by one." Under the "intensive offensive" of the ecological environment department, Liuzhou Huangling Yanglanshan Limestone Co., Ltd. mine leader Kou Qichun finally decided to rectify, but also resisted. Heavy. He recalled that when the mine had a meeting to decide to suspend production for rectification, someone had reminded him: "No one is as stupid as you, making such a big capital. If you invest in this way, you will lose money." But he was determined. The change is not just to let the dust fall, but to directly create a green mine. He raised more than 30 million yuan as project funds, based on green mines in other provinces, and started a vigorous "big renovation".

"You can win development by facing yourself squarely, and destroying the green mountains and rivers is a sinner." said Qi Qichun.

"I don't need to wear a mask every time I have been at work for 3 years"


▲Comparison before and after mine rectification

"The rectification has been carried out for more than half a year, and it is mainly divided into two parts: reform of thinking and reform of facilities." Another person in charge of the company Meng Qiangjin said. At the same time, employees are organized to go out for training, learn new concepts of green mine development, and re-plan all aspects of mining, processing, and transportation. "Renovation of facilities" refers to the implementation of dust prevention measures, the installation of remote dust monitors, the introduction of high-efficiency water film dust removal systems, the installation of spray washing systems at the entrance and exit of the mine; the construction of factory-style workshops and the construction of sedimentation tanks in the production area to make rain and sewage effective Diversion to avoid pollution of surrounding water sources and at the same time strengthen the greening of the plant area.

"Intuitive experience, the change is very obvious." Liang Jianqing said that after the rectification of the Huangling limestone mining area, the Liujiang Ecological Environment Bureau implemented a phased acceptance system for the restoration and governance of the mine geological environment, and checked and accepted the company's governance results one by one. They saw all roads in the factory area hardened, all production equipment operating in a confined space environment, underground pipe networks were laid in the factory area, sedimentation tanks were built, the production and cutting of waste slurry, rainwater were diverted and treated, and green vegetation was planted on the bare hillside open space. , The green area is about 100 acres.

"The dust is gone. There used to be no grass on the ground and no birds in the sky, but now the grass is green and the birds are scented. I have been working in the mine for 3 years and passing through the processing zone. I don't need to wear a mask for the second time." A worker said.

"Unexpectedly, the benefits are more than expected"


▲Comparison before and after mine rectification

Even Qichun Qichun did not expect that by the summer of this year, the rectification and reformation had only yielded initial results, and then the benefits appeared: the Huangling limestone mining area suddenly became a hot spot of attention. A week will be ushered in and sent away a few waves, everyone is rushing to the experience of green mine construction.

In March 2020, the Liuzhou Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning issued the "Notice on Accelerating the Promotion of the City's Green Mine Construction", requiring that by the end of 2022, the need to continue mines requires the creation of green mines in principle. The promulgation of this policy made Qiqichun’s vigorous rectification quite "prescient", and shareholders have "appreciated"; and as the environment of the mining area improves, the relationship with the surrounding villages has also improved significantly. A few local workers. I didn't expect it to benefit more than expected!" said Qi Qichun.

“The Huangling limestone mining area has been transformed into a green mine through rectification and reform. This is a microcosm and a typical example.” Zhao Fu, deputy director of the Liuzhou City Ecological Environment Bureau, said that after the Huangling issue was raised by the autonomous region’s ecological and environmental protection Law enforcement inspections have been increasing year by year. In the first half of 2020 alone, Liuzhou carried out 3,126 land and mineral inspections, dispatched 6,557 law enforcement supervisors, discovered 613 violations of land and minerals, and reported 75 violations to relevant departments.

While attacking, Liuzhou City has vigorously promoted the construction of green mines and ecological restoration of mining areas. More than a dozen mines have formulated the "Green Mine Construction Plan" to gradually standardize mining production activities, protect the ecological environment of the mines, and make the mines truly beautiful. Jinshan.