Charity brings stone people to a new height

Wu Yuanyou, chairman of Yuanda Stone, pledged 10 million yuan, and Li Peijin, chairman of Daxiang Stone, pledged 1 million yuan... This year, the successive donations from the boss of Nan'an Stone have brought the public's focus to the stone industry. "Charity is the true mark of noble personality" (Shakespeare). Stone people are constantly sowing the seeds of love and kindness, practicing social responsibility, and reaching a new height in the development of the industry.

Some time ago, when Cao Dewang talked about charity, he said, “The money earned in my hands must be returned to the society before I die!” He believes that the purpose of charity is to build a harmonious society and promote social development. Then be very humble, and be very honest and abiding by the law. Caring for employees, respecting public order, etc. are all charities, not just donating money is charity.

After more than 40 years of development, Nan'an Stone has grown from a small workshop in the past to a large-scale industry spread all over the world. In this process, with the continuous accumulation of wealth, stone practitioners have crossed the food and clothing line and began to slowly move towards standardized management. Some companies have begun to seek the harmonious development path of employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and community satisfaction. They have begun to pursue social recognition and corporate value, and more and more caring entrepreneurs have emerged to feed back the society.

Hegel once said that when we are born as human beings, what is the greater driving force for survival? It is the desire to be recognized. In short, we live in the world and we all hope that someone will recognize us, whether it is an individual or a company. As an enterprise, producing a product that meets market demand and obtains profits is the foundation of an enterprise's survival and the basis for an enterprise to be recognized by the society. After an enterprise survives and develops to a certain extent, as its benefits get better and better, its contribution to the society becomes greater, and its recognition by the society becomes higher and higher. Through some charitable and public welfare behaviors, it will further increase the visibility and reputation of enterprises and entrepreneurs.

In a speech, Ma Yun said that as companies grow larger, they shoulder social missions. On the other hand, stone people began to do charity one after another, which is a manifestation of the development and growth of the stone industry. In the industry, it is not uncommon for a family of three generations to be engaged in stone, and there are countless fathers and sons.

Wu Yuanyou, who pledged a donation of 10 million yuan, has been doing stone materials for nearly 30 years and doing charity for 20 years. Now I hand over the business to my son and daughter-in-law, but I don't forget to take the next generation to do charity together. At the pledge scene, he confided that he hoped to continue the benevolent spirit of his father's generation. It is precisely this kind of good family style that Yuanda Stone has not only expanded the family business, but also gained a certain degree of prestige in the industry.

According to incomplete statistics, this year only Shuitou, donations amounted to more than 20 million yuan. I think that in the future, there will be more and more entrepreneurs who, after completing their business missions, put all their understanding of society and professional skills into very scarce public welfare undertakings. In China's business history of more than 2,000 years, there is actually no shortage of people like Wu Yuanyou and Li Peijin in every generation. Under the epidemic, enthusiastic philanthropic entrepreneurs have given each of us and each company more possibilities to display their enthusiasm and gain social recognition.